Sunday, 1 December 2013

F1 Prediction League - Awards 2013

And the winner of the £30 Amazon voucher is...Kim! It was a close run thing with Kiszol only one point behind and Michael only three points behind. All I can say is well done to Kim on a fantastic season!

Thanks to everyone for playing this year! It's been a lot of fun and I hope you come back for 2014.

2014 Discussion

Please have a look at this page (on the tab at the top of the site) - I decided against posting a survey as I would love for people to have a discussion about the changes we should make to the league next year, so please free to comment!

2013 Statistics

Also please see the following threads for 2013 stats and individual player stats


Moving onto the awards, which cover the ten categories announced earlier as well as a few more. Everyone has excelled in one way or another and I wanted to acknowlege it here. First I need to thank Michael for his help in defining the criteria behind the awards - this helped to make sure the whole process was as objective as possible. 

Best Qualifying Pick

1st Rajaram (Rosberg at Brazil)
An inspired pick which allowed Rajaram to become the best qualifying picker of the season (jumping clear from Michael and Kim onto 113 points). Few guessed that Mercedes would have a chance to outqualify the peerless Red Bull. Perhaps it was the threat of rain which prompted the pick, perhaps there was some other insight. Regardless the stakes were high especially with third up for grabs in the championship and although third wasn't achieved, the pick still paid off as Rajaram defended fourth place.

2nd Kiszol (Hamilton at China)
Kiszol was one of the first to take a risk on Hamilton early on in the season with the vast majority picking Vettel for China (after Australia and Malaysia). The beauty of this pick was Hamilton's former superiority in China was overlooked by others while the 0.3 second margin of victory made this pick even more satisfying.

3rd Ediglo (Webber at Japan)
Ediglo was the only player to pick Webber for Japan, with everybody else sticking with Vettel. This pick turned out well after KERS problems for Vettel, which led to Webber outqualifying his teammate for the first time in the season. This race did spell the start of a succession of races where Webber challenged Vettel for pole so perhaps this was a bit prophetic.