Prediction League 2014

Welcome to the F1 Prediction League 2014 Page. The F1 Prediction League is an established picking game (now in its fifth year) where players are assigned constructors and fight out for their place to become the year's best picker!

The winner will receive a minichamps model of the F1 champion in the year and a certificate stating they have the best F1 knowledge in 2014.

The league is split into three parts:
(1) season picks
(2) race weekend picks, where players pick on their predicted qualifying winner, race winner, team which will score the most constructors points and a random category which will change every race. 

(3) midseason categories

The current standings are as follows:

For previous seasons stats and finishing positions please click on this link.

Please find:-

Results after each event

Hungary 2014 Results (11/19)
Germany 2014 Results (10/19)
Britain 2014 Results (9/19)
Austria 2014 Results (8/19)
Canada 2014 Results (7/19)
Monaco 2014 Results (6/19)
Spain 2014 Results (5/19)
China 2014 Results (4/19)
Bahrain 2014 Results (3/19)
Malaysia Results 2014 (2/19)
Australia Results 2014 (1/19)

The original picking threads

Season and Australia 2014
Malaysia 2014
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China 2014
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Britain 2014
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Hall of Fame

Last updated:02/08/2014

The Hall of Fame is a selection of stats to add a bit more fun to the game and to keep things interesting long-term. I've aimed to cover as many easily generated categories as possible but if you have any thoughts please let me know. When there are ties I've generally reverted to deciders such as best podium/points finish (for most podium or points) or alphabetical order where there are no other deciders.

Most Races

Most salary 

This is just a bit of fun, each driver agreed a contract with the team they're currently driving for. 

The FIA totals are outside of the team bonuses for wins and salaries for drivers. These are based on 200k for a win with different amounts down to 10th. There are also drivers and constructors bonuses. 

To be a first driver in a team you have to have scored more constructors points than your teammate (see above). Salary is pro-rated across the 19 races. Take Ferrari as an example, Fernando Alonso (driver 1) is on €30,000,000 as a basic salary so this is what driver 1 at Ferrari will earn (Massa was on €10,000,000 so driver 2 would score this). If Driver A is the Ferrari driver with the most points after race 1 they'd score (1/19*30,000,000) and Driver B would score (1/19*10,000,000). 

Then say Driver B overtakes Driver A in the most constructors points at the end of race 2, they would receive (1/19*30,000,000) for race 2. Both drivers would now have earned (1/19*30,000,000 + 1/19*10,000,000) €2,105,263.

Note 1: if a player does not pick in a weekend then they will not receive their salary from the team.
Note 2: at the end of the season team positions will be re-evaluated based on expectations set by teams. 


Coming soon.

What happens if I miss a deadline?

If you pick after FP1, you have an opportunity to post before FP3 before your picks will be rejected. You must take approximately a 50% penalty on all categories which are reasonably affected by the result.

The following scores will then be:
Qualifying: 1st - 3 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point
Race: 1st - 4 points, 2nd - 3 points, 3rd - 2 points, 4th - 1 point
Constructors: 1st - 3 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point
Random: will depend on the circumstances, there are plenty of circumstances where missing FP1 and/or FP2 will not allow a pick to be made.

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