Wednesday, 11 March 2015

How to join the best F1 prediction league in 2015

Reckon you know your stuff where Formula One is concerned? We invite you to join our Prediction League and prove it!
The Prediction League has been running in one form or another since 2010, and we’ve had more players each year. Last year we had 16 active players, and we’d love to push that up to 20 to reflect the number of drivers on the F1 grid at the moment.
So how does it work?
It’s pretty straightforward – prior to every race you pick:
1) Which driver you think will win the race
2) Which driver you think will be on pole
3) Which constructor will score the most points in that race
There is also a fourth ‘random’ category, which changes from race to race and is often themed depending on the circuit or what is going on at that stage of the season. This will be announced in the race thread, which will be posted the Monday before each race and also cover the current F1 news. Picks are due before Free Practice 1.
In addition to the race weekend picks we have season picks (made before the first race) and midseason picks (made during the summer break, usually after Hungary).
We keep a log of the points scored by each participant every weekend and cover this in a post-race thread. Unsurprisingly, the picker with the most points at the end of the season wins!
We also have a ‘Constructors’ Championship’ to add a bit of extra interest, whereby pickers are paired up in the teams that are participating in the Formula One season that year.
You can take a closer look at the rules and scoring here:
Alright sounds good, how do I join?
There are three key steps to joining ahead of the season opener:
1) Register on the site, using the left sidebar or register menu button at the top
2) Read the season prediction league post and make your picks by leaving a comment. Please feel free to post using the template within the thread. The deadline for picks is before free practice 1
3) Read the Australian GP thread and make your picks by leaving a comment. Please feel free to post using the template within the thread. The deadline for picks is before free practice 1
If you’re thinking of joining, or have any further questions then email Nathaniel at
We’ll chat about the vacant seats in the League and which team you’ll be joining, and run over any other bits and bobs ahead of the season opener. If you want to take part in the full season then please get in touch by Thursday 12th March at the absolute latest. If you want to join later then that’s fine too so long as there’s space, but you won’t be able to make season picks and will potentially have missed out on some of the races. Still, there will be plenty to play for!
Are there any prizes?
Indeed there are, in addition to the gargantuan ego boost of having beaten out a bunch of other F1 know-it-alls with your superior knowledge. We provide Amazon vouchers and sometimes a Minichamps model of that season’s Drivers’ Champion to
  1. The winner of the Prediction League
  2. The picker who scores the most points in the second half of the season (so that people who missed the start of the year still have a prize to aim for)
That’s all from us. We hope to see you on the grid this year :-)

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