Monday, 25 November 2013

Final Championship Standings 2013 and Brazil Results

So here it is - the end of the 2013 season. It's been a lot of fun running the league, I hope you feel the same way about playing it. There's been some stand-out picks throughout the season, which I've really enjoyed seeing, and I'm happy we agreed to ban Vettel. It improved the league immeasurably towards the end.

I'm planning on releasing an awards thread next weekend (check back Sunday PM), where the winner of the £30 amazon voucher will be announced. However congratulations to Kim who won the 2013 Vettel mini-champs car for finishing 1st/2nd in the Drivers Championship.

I'm also in the process of creating a survey, where you can comment on the F1 prediction league in general and areas for improvement. I'll post that link, as well as fully completed statistics for the 2013 season, when the awards thread is posted.

Any way on to the real stuff, Kiszol has won their third race of the season - meaning Sauber now have six wins and a 109 point lead in the constructors championship. It's been incredible from my perspective to work with Kiszol and I wish them well with their Red Bull drive.

For other teams it's been very intense between 2nd and 5th place. McLaren just edged the battle, scoring 92 points in the last four races. It was a shame for the Lotus team, as both players have picked fantastically all year. However congratulations to both McLaren drivers. As both teams remain the same in 2014, they can have a have a rematch!

So here are the final standings:

Constructors Championship

For constructors, so not to disadvantage teams with only one driver (or to protect against someone who doesn't post), players will score points in line with race finishes. See the overall results below, Kiszol will score 25 points for their 1st place this weekend. This is different to how the drivers championship will be scored. If players are tied they will be separated by the following criteria: Race > Constructors > Qualifying > Random > The time of the pick (earlier the better).


The podium was as follows (see post for further results)  


Brazil Results




If players are tied on overall points they will be separated by the following criteria: Race > Constructors > Qualifying > Random > The time of the pick (earlier the better).


Point Allocation






The aim of random was to travel the Interlagos circuit in the fastest time. The circuit was broken down into five sectors, where the quality of answers from each question would translate into a time.
Well done to Dragan who absolutely destroyed the rest of the field, an inspired performance to finish 0.68 seconds ahead of Michael. It was definitely Vettel-like dominance and it broke the lap record too! Montoya won't be happy that his lap record of 1:11.473 has been broken.


Point Allocation (Season)

Most season session points is the ultimate gauge of consistency across all race weekend sessions. For every session (P1, P2, P3, qualifying and race) + fastest lap a driver is allocated points equivalent to the race finish (25 = 1st, 18 = 2nd, etc.). These points will be totalled across every weekend and the winner will be the one with the most points.

So I hope I see you next year and in the awards thread. Please feel free to leave feedback about the league this year in the comments box - what have been your favourite parts and what would you like to see improved? etc. Alternatively/additionally you can wait until the survey.

Like I said, this year has been incredible so thanks. I hope to see you all next year!


  1. Congratulations to Scott for winning the championship and also well done to Kim who was best of the rest.
    Sorry Sangan , I fu***d up our chances for second place with my picks.
    Anyway it was a great season and I hope to see you all in 2014.

  2. Thanks Scott for running a brilliant entertaining competition. I had fun and I'm happy I got a couple wins.

  3. Thank you to you both. It was a great season, let's hope next year is even more open with several teams in with a shout for the win, like at the start of 2013.

  4. Scott & Kim: Congrats! You two were incredibly strong, better than me during the entire year. I did my best and came close, but not close enough. The first few races were bad for me, but from Canada onwards I had a great season. Thanks for the fun for everyone else and congrats to all of you! I have to say there are many strong players around, so I'm very happy about my third place overall. We had a long, great fight for it with Rajaram.
    Scott, thanks for the great game and the lots of work you put in it to make it work :) I'll definitely come back next year! I especially liked the mid season categories and the mid season team reports!
    The Vettel ban was surely a great idea, without it the last races would have been meaningless and dull...
    And what I liked less:
    The random categories were interesting, but I found them mostly a bit too random for my liking. It was like a lottery sometimes. That said, probably I feel this way due to my terrible random results. :) Other players fared better than me in random for sure. :)

    Finally, well done to Scott&myself for the constructors trophy! We did it! Yes! I love my team! ("Vettelish")
    Peter Sauber will be delighted. This is the team's best result so far. The previous best was the second place in 2007 as BMW Sauber. I enjoyed working with Peter and my teammate Scott. It was inspiring! Best wishes to Scott for next year!