Sunday, 17 November 2013

US Results and Championship Standings (18/19)

Sauber have been crowned constructors champions with an 87 point lead over Lotus! 

Congratulations to Kiszol on a great joint team effort.

The battle for second in the constructors championship has never been more hotly contested with only one point separating Lotus and McLaren with Ferrari only 20 points back. Anything could happen in Brazil especially with the unpredictable weather. 

Well done to MetalGatherer, who earned their fourth podium in eight races, and Michael whose consistency has finally paid off.  There's a lot of exciting (team) battles throughout the field - particularly between the Lotus drivers both on 265 points and the Mercedes drivers only separated by 1 point.

I'm highly anticipating Brazil where everything will be decided. Also shortly following will be a season awards thread and news about who has won the mini-champs car and £30 amazon voucher.

Here are the current standings:

Constructors Championship
For constructors, so not to disadvantage teams with only one driver (or to protect against someone who doesn't post), players will score points in line with race finishes. See the overall results below, MetalGatherer will score 18 points for their 2nd place this weekend. This is different to how the drivers championship will be scored. If players are tied they will be separated by the following criteria: Race > Constructors > Qualifying > Random > The time of the pick (earlier the better).

The podium was as follows (see post for further results)


US Results




If players are tied on overall points they will be separated by the following criteria: Race > Constructors > Qualifying > Random > The time of the pick (earlier the better).


Point Allocation







The aim of the random was to say whether a team would finish higher, the same or lower than their championship position.

2 points was given for a correct answer and 1 point for other circumstances e.g. when picking the same if it's higher or lower or when the same is the correct answer when picking higher or lower.

If there was a tie on overall points, a decision was made on countbacks (most 2's, most 1's etc.). If there was no way to distinguish between the two then time of picking will be the decider.


Point Allocation (Season)

Most season session points is the ultimate gauge of consistency across all race weekend sessions. For every session (P1, P2, P3, qualifying and race) + fastest lap a driver is allocated points equivalent to the race finish (25 = 1st, 18 = 2nd, etc.). These points will be totalled across every weekend and the winner will be the one with the most points.
See you next week for the season decider!
After the last race there will be the season awards and the awarding of the mini-champs and £30 amazon voucher as mentioned above.

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