Monday, 31 March 2014

Malaysia 2014 Results and Championship Standings (2/19)

Mercedes strike again! With clearly the best car it was more of a question about which Mercedes driver was going to win the race. Hamilton exceeded on all accounts, winning using less tyres, less fuel and with plenty of pace to spare.

In the PL Dragan fought to an impressive win (2nd of his career), with his teammate Sangan joining him on the podium. Incredible stuff and this means Lotus pull out a further lead in the constructors championship at this early stage of the season. Overall Kiszol retains their lead in the championship although Sangan has closed. The two are already fighting their own battle for the championship at the early stage of the season - just like Rosberg and Hamilton.

Also another well done to Red Bull's Keba for a podium berth.

I'm expecting a very close battle both in qualifying and the race between the points finishers in Bahrain - this will be a focus of the Bahrain random. Any way onto the more detailed results.

Championship Standings

Constructors Championship

Read on for more detail.


Overall results





The random category involved picking a number of categories:

  1. Fastest and slowest drivers in the qualifying out of two groups
  2. Team with the longest stint in the race
  3. Fastest and slowest driver in the speed traps for qualifying
Well done to Kim, who maximum scored and everyone else who scored points. You all had me well and truly beat this week thanks to some dreadful picking!

Points input


The Bahrain race is going to take place this weekend (6th April 2014), I'm going to post the new thread in the next 12 hours.

As discussed at the end of the last thread. If anyone has any ideas about a random category they'd like to see (in China), please post on this page - random discussion topic. I'm happy to discuss and refine any ideas people have.    

See you soon!

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