Monday, 10 November 2014

Brazil Results and Championship Standings (18/19)

First off, congratulations to Sangan and Dragan who take the lead in both championships! Sangan's lead in the championship is almost unassailable, barring reliability issues, due to a massive 28-point swing this weekend.

While some of their competitors looked to the skies (Red Bull's best chance of victory) and cursing the promise of rain, Massa and Williams strolled to a podium and the best constructor score.

The success of Massa (not without precedent given his victories in 2006 and 2008) resulted in a perfect Lotus 1-2 (scoring 25 and 24 points respectively including a 1-2 in random). This is the fourth time a team has scored a 1-2 this year (2 for Marussia, 1 for Williams and now 1 for Lotus) but none have been this dominant. The nearest competitor finished 11 points behind!

The Constructors Championship is still open but relies on a big point score for the Marussia pair. 

Other notable mentions include Nat breaking the all-time consecutive points record, now with 10 points finishes in a row, and Joe scoring his fifth podium of the season. Ferrari are now improving with Chris and Joe really hitting their stride in recent races. 

It's been a thrilling year so join us in Abu Dhabi to witness the climax to this unpredictable season.

Championship standings


Podium facts
Sangan's 2nd win of the season (tied 2nd) and 3nd overall (tied 3rd)
Dragan's 4th podium of the season and 10th overall (3rd)

Joe's 5th podium finish of the season (3rd) and 8th overall (tied 5th)
Current streaks 

Joe - 2 podium finishes (tied 3rd)
Nat - 10 points finishes (best points streak ever, new record!)
Kiszol - 7 points finishes

Chris Grigson - 6 points finishes
Kim - 4 points finishes
Marussia - 15 points finishes
McLaren - 12 points finishes
Ferrari - 9 points finishes
Red Bull - 7 points finishes

Streaks ended
Scott - 7 points finishes

More detailed results


Inputs and random

Random was based on selecting drivers from four distinctive groups within a budget. For each group of sessions (practice, qualifying, race and fastest lap) a group was assigned, e.g. double points for practice matched with Group A (Massa). The colour chart below refers to (green=race, orange=qualifying, blue=practice, white=fastest lap). 

The best picks in each group were Massa (10m), Button (12m), Kvyat (10m) and Maldonado (13m), which was actually within budget. 


Mid-season categories and stats


Overall midseason categories are provisional - category 1 in particular is only a guide due to the nature of the set-up of my workings.The large majority are unable to score points in category 1 now due to Alonso failing to score points and a few other items which failed.
Category 1 - risk vs. rewards
Category 2 - position of your driver
Category 3 - teammate domination (see below)
Category 4 - most improved constructors
Category 5 - most improved driver
Category 6 - most podiums
Category 7 - highest average qualifying position

Teammate domination

Most season session points

Please join the discussion in the random thread if you have any suggestions for the random categories for Abu Double. It would be amazing to get some more input from others to make the random unique.

Take care until Abu Dhabi! Pride, glory, awards and the championship are all on the line!


  1. Hi, I think in a previous post I might have swapped out Bianchi for Alonso in Teammate Domination. Not that it makes any difference at this stage LOL

    1. Hi Brian, for the TMD anyone who had to swap picks is highlighted in blue. I'm counting their new picks manually as it seemed the easiest way around the change but you are getting Alonso's points this weekend. Which was 13 points (7 for race, 5 for qualifying and 1 for FP1). Kimi took FP2 and FP3.

  2. Congrats Sangan and Dragan! Massa nailed it. Forecast and misreading the track did for me. Constructors isn't wrapped it yet though ;-) I hear Marussia are bringing an enormous upgrade package too Abu Dhabi