Sunday, 30 June 2013

Britain Results and Championship Standings (8/19)

Congratulations to Jasper94 on their first win of the season! Jasper was originally unlucky in an earlier race, when they picked too slightly too late and would have won given their picks. They've made amends with the right picks this weekend though. Unluckily for several pickers (Vettel pickers in particularly) the luck didn't quite fall for them, with two pickers (Kim and Rajaram) losing 13 points due to Vettel's retirement.

Overall the standard of picking was relatively strong this weekend, and there's a chance in the coming week to capitalise on any momentum seized here.

Here are the overall standings now:

Podium (see post for further results)

Constructors Championship

For constructors, so not to disadvantage teams with only one driver (or to protect against someone who doesn't post), players will score points in line with race finishes. See the overall results from Britain below, Jasper94 will score 25 points for his 1st place this weekend. This is different to how the drivers championship will be scored. If players are tied they will be separated by the following criteria: Race > Constructors > Qualifying > Random > The time of the pick (earlier the better). 

 Now for further information:


Britain (Silverstone) Results

For a breakdown of everyone's picks, go here.




Overall Results


See below for further details of the breakdown.


If players are tied on overall points they will be separated by the following criteria: Race > Constructors > Qualifying > Random > The time of the pick (earlier the better). 


Point Allocation







The random category this week was 'who could come closest to completing the triple?' - meaning who could repeat the same position across qualifying, race and fastest lap. 
There were a number of close results which were decided by how far the race and then the qualifying points were away from the median result. If both were the same the lower the race finish the better.
Well done to the seven Webber, Gutierrez and Hulkenberg pickers. Unlucky to the Bottas and Di Resta pickers.



Point Allocation (Season)

Most Season Session Points

Most season session points is the ultimate gauge of consistency across all race weekend sessions. For every session (P1, P2, P3, qualifying and race) + fastest lap a driver is allocated points equivalent to the race finish (25 = 1st, 18 = 2nd, etc.). These points will be totalled across every weekend and the winner will be the one with the most points.

The season is nicely poised going forward so hopefully I'll hear from you in the next few days.

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