Monday, 28 October 2013

India Results and Championship Standings (16/19)

Congratulations to Rajaram on an excellent win - an inspired Grosjean pick sealed the deal for the weekend! Unlucky for Webber pickers, Webber was clearly the best pick so people who picked him can feel hard done by.

The championship is looking much the same as before with the majority of players scoring 11 to 14. In the next race, if Sauber score 17 more points than Lotus in the constructors championship it will be over, which will delight Peter Sauber no end.

The battle for the second Red Bull seat heats up with Keba taking the initiative, well done.

Here are the current standings:

Constructors Championship

For constructors, so not to disadvantage teams with only one driver (or to protect against someone who doesn't post), players will score points in line with race finishes. See the overall results below, Rajaram will score 25 points for his 1st place this weekend. This is different to how the drivers championship will be scored. If players are tied they will be separated by the following criteria: Race > Constructors > Qualifying > Random > The time of the pick (earlier the better).

The podium was as follows (see post for further results)


India Results




If players are tied on overall points they will be separated by the following criteria: Race > Constructors > Qualifying > Random > The time of the pick (earlier the better). 


Point Allocation








The aim of this random was to pick the team which would improve the most between the following sessions - category 1 (P1 and P2), category 2 (P2 and P3), category 3 (P3 and Q) and category 4 (Q and R).
Well to Kim on an excellent set of picks. The Mercedes pick in particular was astute, especially given their qualifying pace. Well done!



Point Allocation (Season)

Most season session points is the ultimate gauge of consistency across all race weekend sessions. For every session (P1, P2, P3, qualifying and race) + fastest lap a driver is allocated points equivalent to the race finish (25 = 1st, 18 = 2nd, etc.). These points will be totalled across every weekend and the winner will be the one with the most points.


See you next week in Abu Dhabi for race number 17.


  1. Webber was a really great pick, too bad for the DNF... Had he finished second, I'd have overtaken Kim for second place. But sometimes you have luck and sometimes you haven't. Last weekend was unlucky for Kim and Scott (Hamilton's DNF) so that's it. :)

    If I'm correct, from now on the Vettel ban will also effect qualifying, so the end of the season will be interesting.

  2. Hey Kiszol, a very magnanimous post. We've all had weekends where our picks have gone badly, through no fault of our own. You've had a great spells of races and you've still got a great chance to win the championship.

    Vettel isn't banned yet unfortunately. When we worked everything out the two conditions for banning from qualifying were:
    - be 50 points ahead in the qualifying championship (currently 36 ahead of Hamilton, so a 1st in Abu Dhabi and a Hamilton 5th will trigger that, or two 1st regardless of where Hamilton finishes)
    - score 5 consecutive pole positions (Webber took pole in Suzuka).

    It's a shame as I'd be happy to ban Vettel from qualifying - it's never fun when everything just picks the same thing constantly.

    I'm willing to discuss.

    Regardless it would be great if after the season close we could work out something going forward to make it 100% suitable.

    1. Apologies, I meant everyone instead of everything.

    2. You're right, sadly no Vettel ban for now. His recent dominance was so strong that I thought he won every single qualifying since the summer break. But that's not the case since Hamilton won in Spa and Webber took pole in Suzuka as you mentioned. Sorry for that!
      Btw he had a KERS problem during qual in Japan. Without it he would've won all of the last five qual sessions.
      I hope that we'll see some interesting picks and great fights anyway.