Monday, 2 June 2014

Monaco 2014 Results and Championship Standings (6/19)

First off, apologies for the delay in posting the results - I always aim to get the results out fairly quickly which I obviously didn't do this time.

All I can say is wow! Monaco qualifying was one of the most explosive issues we've seen in a long time. Many are convinced that Rosberg would never 'cheat' and that his error was genuine. Others have pointed out the odd steering inputs and the context of the situation as proof of Rosberg's guilt.

Regardless of how, it was important for Rosberg to break Hamilton's momentum here and he certainly did. Had he lost pole and almost certainly the race, he'd be running into the Canada, Austria, Britain leg with his teammate lining up to win eight in a row. Now Nico has seized back the championship lead and got inside his teammates head. 

The Monaco weekend always creates surprises - and this seemed to confuse most of the title contenders with the top three all not scoring points and having consecutive point streaks of 9 (current longest streak), 8 and 7 races ended.

Others throughout the field read the situation far better with MetalGatherer and Juan Medina excelling in particular. Well done to both especially as this is Juan Medina's third race. Congratulations. Another victory takes MetalGatherer's win count to 3 from 21 (third in the all-time list).

After De Montezemolo's insistence that Ferrari bring their season back on track, Joe took a podium for the Prancing Horse, capturing the fourth of his prediction league career. One thing is clear that Ferrari are still not happy with seventh in the Constructors Championship (see below).

The top four in the championship still remain exceedingly close although a new leader has emerged! Plus the top four is now a top five/six.

Championship Standings

Constructors Championship

Read on for more detail.


Overall results


The random category involved first predicting whether three drivers - Alonso, Bottas and Kobayashi - would perform better or worse than their season averages in practice, qualifying and race. Paul Smith and Joe were the stars of this part of the random category, scoring 14 and 12 points respectively.

The second part involved predicting the order of two groups of cars as well as predicting the time gaps (see decider, the lower the better). Nat, Rose and Sangan all scored 16 points in this category which was impressive.

Overall Joe and Paul Smith carried their advantage over from category 1 to win the overall random category! Good predicting.

As is usually the case random was fairly decisive in deciding the overall result.

Points input


The Canada thread will be posted later today. Expect the results the Wednesday after the weekend as I'll be away so will be unable to post them before this.

As discussed if anyone has any ideas about a random category they'd like to see please post on this page - random discussion topic. I'm happy to discuss and refine any ideas people have.    

See you for Canada for a critical weekend in the championship!

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