Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Italy Results and Championship Standings (13/19)

Everyone should start thinking about what team they want to join next year. This is a rough guideline of team moods and comments (just for fun).

If you want to battle for a seat, please post here. Typically they'll be competition over a period of three or so races (the incumbent driver may have a positive handicap) or the request may not be accepted at all. For example, the Lotus drivers have been extremely loyal and lead the WC therefore Lotus won't hear anything about replacing their drivers.

Of course, you can sign for a different team and we'll try to find you a teammate next year.

Monza saw another mistake for Nico Rosberg - had he won that battle he'd have been significantly ahead. Hamilton would have been in big trouble and almost certainly needed a retirement to pull this gap back. 

The fighting down the field was incredible especially between 4th and 9th. This new Formula is serving up some really exciting races so plenty to be positive about! Another great charge through the field for Ricciardo, who looked completely out of it a third of the way through the race.

Onto the prediction league, congratulations to Kim, Sangan and Nat! Our deserving podium finishers - random proved to be critical again although Sangan's Massa pick almost proved to be the winning way to go.

Despite finishing 2nd the lead at the top of the championship narrows.

Here are the championship standings:



More detailed results



Inputs and random


Mid-season categories and stats


Overall midseason categories are provisional - category 1 in particular is only a guide due to the nature of the set-up of my workings.

Alonso not scoring points in Monza, via retirement, ruled out five different people from the opportunity to score points (Michael, Kim, Joe, Nat and Paul Smith) in category 1.

Category 1 - risk vs. rewards
Category 2 - position of your driver
Category 3 - teammate domination (see below)
Category 4 - most improved constructors
Category 5 - most improved driver
Category 6 - most podiums
Category 7 - highest average qualifying position

Teammate domination

Most season session points

Please join the discussion in the random thread if you have any suggestions for the random categories for the next few races. 

Otherwise I'll see you in Singapore. Take care until then!

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