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Singapore Results and Championship Standings (14/19)

Sorry for the delay! This has been an incredibly hectic week and I wanted to think on the most appropriate method of how teams will judge/hire drivers.

If you want to battle for a seat, please post here. See later on in the post for details of team responses and current progress.

Singapore was just the tonic Hamilton needed after a season of ill luck and qualifying mistakes. The qualifying mistake was almost there but he did enough to edge Rosberg and set up a tantalising race. Unfortunately Nico had to retire from mechanical problems. Aside from the luck becoming more equal (it's always great when the better driver wins the championship) the beginning of the race was dulled by the lack of Rosberg's presence.

Cue Perez and Sutil (two of F1's more likely crashers) and the safety car comes out. How Sutil didn't receive a penalty for putting another driver in the wall is beyond me - despite the initiative to let drivers race, in clear cut cases like this penalties should be applied. 

The safety car took 7 long laps (it felt like 100) to sort itself out (way too long and I agree it would be better to make lapped cars fall to the back of the pack - it could be done instantly and would solve so many problems). 

The race from that moment was exciting - Hamilton had to push, on reasonably old super softs, in an impressive display of driving. This was remniscent of Vettel last year at Singapore or some of Schumacher's race stints in the past.

So all-in-all we had another good race. There have been so few bad races this year which is positive for the sport!

Onto the prediction league, congratulations to Sangan (2nd win), ediglo (5th podium) and Aled Lewis (4th podium)!

This was one of the closest weekends in prediction league history with 8 drivers separated by one point at the top. There were multiple ways to get to that score with the relatively unfavoured Ricciardo winning qualifying and relatively unfavoured Vettel winning race.

Sangan's strong weekend extended their advantage out in front for both the championship standings and constructors.

Here are the championship standings:


More detailed results



Here is the team offers situation - teams will be assessing drivers from Singapore to the end of the United States GP.

The different colours represent different seat battles - grey (first driver), brick (second driver). Handicap based on a specific formula which takes account of:
  • Current year points
  • Current year wins and podiums (minorly weighted as these are already included in points. A win or a podium definitely brings a little extra prestige to a team too)
  • Average points per race (all-time - may later become last three years)
  • Who the current driver is and loyalty



Inputs and random

Green = exactly right (3 points)
Yellow = one away (2 points)
Orange = two away (1 points)

Purple = wins both sessions (2 points)
Yellow = wins qualifying (1 point)
Brown = wins race (1 point)

Green = exactly right (2 points)
Yellow = one away (1 point)
Organe = two or more away (0 points)

Sauber were removed from the calculations (double retirement) - anyone who predicted Lotus as 8th or 9th scored points.


Mid-season categories and stats


Overall midseason categories are provisional - category 1 in particular is only a guide due to the nature of the set-up of my workings.

Category 1 - risk vs. rewards
Category 2 - position of your driver
Category 3 - teammate domination (see below)
Category 4 - most improved constructors
Category 5 - most improved driver
Category 6 - most podiums
Category 7 - highest average qualifying position

Teammate domination

Most season session points

Please join the discussion in the random thread if you have any suggestions for the random categories for the next few races. 

Otherwise I'll see you in Japan. Take care until then!

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