Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Austria 2014 Results and Championship Standings (8/19)

I hope everyone enjoyed the unpredictability of the Austrian weekend. Both Williams' on the front row and Red Bull really struggling were two key themes throughout the weekend. Who would have thought it!? Bottas was keen to downplay expectations before the weekend, saying P6-8 was realistic. Red Bull were very bullish (pun intended) saying they hoped to challenge Mercedes and definitely be the best of the rest.

This unusual weekend culminated in Massa taking his first pole in a long time but unfortunately for him he let the race slide away and finished off the podium. Bottas looked better most of the weekend and drove an excellent race all-in-all - an aggressive re-pass of Nico Rosberg near the start of the race, some scintillating laps before the first pitstops and his consistency throughout earnt him a well-deserved podium.

In the prediction league there isn't too much change overall. This was an exceptionally low scoring round with the top scorer only scoring 12 points - the lowest in prediction league history (15 was previously the lowest). 

Congratulations to Aled Lewis for their second win in the league. Well done to Juan Medina, for a third podium in a row, and Chris Grigson, standing on the podium for the first time! 

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  1. You should add constructors points to Juan.I believe you made a mistake there.