Monday, 21 July 2014

Germany 2014 Results and Championship Standings (10/19)

This will be a fairly brief review as I'm keen to get the picking thread out to give people enough time to think about their picks before Hungary.

It was another reasonably entertaining race in my opinion. It wasn't spectacular but it had a lot of overtakes and some good wheel-to-wheel to racing, particularly Alonso and the other Red Bull this time! I thought Ricciardo, Bottas and Alonso were all excellent. Hamilton charged through the field well although he was lucky to escape a few bits of contact with little more than minor damage.

Also Massa just can't seem to learn. Unfortuanately he's been involved in four accidents this year - three of them weren't his fault - but this one was clear to most and was reminiscent of incidents in the past where Massa refused to accept any blame. It's a trait also very prevalent in Perez, Maldonado and Sutil. Poor Kevin, fingers crossed he continues his good run in Hungary.

First off on a prediction league note, unlucky Kiszol who got the Williams pick right but once again was hit due to Massa's first lap incident. Red Bull ended up pipping Williams by two points.

More positively, congratulations to the Williams drivers (Ediglo and Juan Medina) who scored a 1-2! Also the Mercedes drivers of Metalgatherer and Aled Lewis finished 3rd and 4th. It seems all of you have had some motivation from recent performances by those two teams in Austria and Silverstone! 

Again there wasn't too much change at the top of the leaderboard although Metalgatherer gained significant ground on many of his title contenders plus Dragan rose from fifth to third, well done.

More detailed results

Inputs and random

Q1: Will Rosberg beat his average practice position, where he's set a time, this weekend? (2.5) (yes, 1.6)
Q2: Will Sutil beat his average qualifying position this weekend? (17th) (no, 17th)
Q3: Will Hulkenberg beat his average race position this weekend? (7th) (no, 7th)
Q4: Will Vettel beat his average fastest lap this weekend? (5th) (no, 10th)
Q5: Who will finish in the highest position with the following handicaps? (Sutil, Hulkenberg (+8.5), Vettel (+11), Rosberg (+13.5).) (Rosberg 14.5, Vettel 15, Hulkenberg 15.5, Sutil DNF)
Q6: Which German will beat his teammate the most sessions across the weekend (Rosberg, Vettel, Hulkenberg, Sutil)? This includes the five sessions plus fastest lap - P1, P2, P3, Q, R, FL. An extra three points for guessing the exact right number of sessions. Two points for one away and one point away for two away. You do not need to guess the correct driver for the extra points. (Hulk 4, Rosberg 4, Sutil 2, Vettel 1)

Tie-break answer was Vettel at 0.5 seconds away.

Please join the discussion in the random thread if you have any suggestions for the random categories for the mid-season break or later.

See you next time out. Congratulations to Ediglo! Williams on top again. Will they follow suit at Hungary?

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