Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Japan Results and Championship Standings (15/19)

First off before anything else, I echo Jenson's tweet. The only positive news so far is that Jules is 'stable' - fingers crossed he can keep fighting and will come through this.

In the last few days Jean Todt reported that Michael Schumacher 'can live a relatively normal life within a short period of time' which is potentially promising news so I'll be hoping for Bianchi.

Apart from the incident the race was quite promising, a first wet race since Brazil 2012. It saw titanic performances from Hamilton and Button. Jenson was on the pace of the Mercedes early in the race and really showed his worth to the McLaren (Honda) team - once again braving the conditions and making his driving in the intermediate conditions pay-off. The Red Bull's also pushed hard and looked impressive throughout with Vettel critically scoring a rare victory over Ricciardo in the race.

Then there's the ongoing Alonso saga and Vettel's departure from Red Bull. Who knows what will happen from here? Alonso claims to hold all of the cards but the only options seem to be: (1) McLaren-Honda (2) somewhere like Lotus (3) a sabbatical (4) refusing to leave Ferrari and (5) three car teams. I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

In the prediction league Sangan extends their lead at the top to nine points, courtesy of a third podium in a row.

Championship standings

Podium facts

Scott's 4th win of the season (1st) and 7th overall (1st)
Sangan's 6th podium finish of the season (tied 1st) and 10th podium overall (2nd)
Kim's 2nd podium finish of the season and 7th overall (6th)

Current streaks
Sangan - 3 podium finishes (tied 1st, personal best)
Sangan - 8 points finishes (tied 2nd, personal best)
Nat - 7 points finishes (tied 6th, personal best)
Scott - 5 points finishes
Kiszol - 4 points finishes

Streaks ended
Michael - 8 points finishes (tied 2nd overall, third time this landmark has been reached by Michael)

More detailed results


Here is the team offers situation - teams will be assessing drivers from Singapore to the end of the United States GP.

The different colours represent different seat battles - grey (first driver), brick (second driver). Handicap based on a specific formula which takes account of:
  • Current year points
  • Current year wins and podiums (minorly weighted as these are already included in points. A win or a podium definitely brings a little extra prestige to a team too)
  • Average points per race (all-time - may later become last three years)
  • Who the current driver is and loyalty



Inputs and random

Note: Half points given to Alonso and Bianchi who were ahead when they retired in the race match category. Congratulations to Force India, Williams and Red Bull pickers in the double points category. 

The TB was called on in a number of instances. Those who picked Alonso automatically beat Kobayashi pickers (and then the final decision was based on closeness to the actual time). 

Mid-season categories and stats


Overall midseason categories are provisional - category 1 in particular is only a guide due to the nature of the set-up of my workings.

Category 1 - risk vs. rewards
Category 2 - position of your driver
Category 3 - teammate domination (see below)
Category 4 - most improved constructors
Category 5 - most improved driver
Category 6 - most podiums
Category 7 - highest average qualifying position

Teammate domination

Most season session points

Please join the discussion in the random thread if you have any suggestions for the random categories for the next few races. 

I'll be posting the Russia prediction league thread later this evening once I've worked out the teammate domination implications for the rest of the season. Hopefully I'll see you all in a few days. Take care until then!

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